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I sent a pt to the ER yesterday from out pt rehab.I was 1 of 2 nurses.No Dr was present as is the norm in non telemetry classes in this type of setting. The patient has,no major cardiac history other than HTN, hx of lap -chole... Read More

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    Thanks so much everyone for your helpful input.Pt was D/c'd yesterday. Hypertensive Encephalopathy was final dx. so aggressive HTN management. You mentioned HTN crisis Esme so you get the prize . They did not do an MRI but echo was good. She didn't know EF that might have been nice to know. I am glad she was ok which is the main thing. They started her on ASA and her cardiologist is going to revamp her meds.
    Hodgie: that was a great reminder about ASA and CVA,thanks. (I did do the FAST stroke protocol before giving )I am appreciative of you mentioning it as well as your support

    Ah...The beat goes on !
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    I've been a nurse a loooooooong time..... Well done, they should have at least done a CT.
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    Thanks Esme, coming from you it's a high compliment!
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    Happy to help! But fyi, ..The FAST stroke protocol is only used to assess the need to activate EMS or a rapid response. It doesn't diagnosis only assesses the symptoms. So, asa should only be given to cardiac pts with suspected MI. You were absolutely right to do protocol, but if you think about, the fact that you did do the protocol would contradict asa administration, whether or not she passed it. But, again you did a great job with her. You probably saved her life!
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    thanks hodgie,you are very kind

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