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I work on a Cardiac Stepdown unit. I work nights. My pt went for a PPM insertion. The day nurse had given the pt lovenox, asa, plavix prior to the procedure. After the procedure on my shift the pt bled out. It was a mess. The... Read More

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    Where I'm working, it seems that there's always opportunities for incident reporting...Needlestick Injuries,falls, patient absconding..etc.etc. I guess it helped in investigations and improving healthcare system. Take heart though, filling in the Incident reporting sometimes does save someone from law suits..

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    Doesn't "She bled out" mean she ...bled in no more blood left in the body??
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    was this pacemaker really put in the patient in the OR? i would think that it highly unlikely. i would think holding plavix for a procedure and not an 'operation' is NOT standard. i would hedge a bet it was the lovenox that did it. would you give a heparin injection before your patient was going to have an invasive procedure? (no).

    but someone with bad cad/vasc disease i would think holding plavix would have been a discussion made loooonngg before the day of the procedure. the nurses and/or docs (most likely it would fall on the nurses as we all know)...shoulda looked at what meds were given prior to the procedure too.....

    its not clear did the patient get the lovenox AFTER the pacemaker placement? (i dont see a rationale for giving it either way). and is this an 'experienced' nurse that has or has not done this before? :redlight:
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