InfraRed Saunas Good for HF Patients??

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    I was at a homeshow this weekend and heard something interesting I would like advice on. There were TONS of saunas that were being sold but one indicated that their technology was great for heart patients! In fact, they told me that many drs advise their patients to use them!

    According to the salesmen, infra red saunas heat the entire body at the same temperature and that reduces the risk for "temperature shock" to the heart that happens with other saunas and hot tubs and things like that. But infra red heats the entire circulation system and therefore reduces the risk for heart shock, increases the heart rate at a steady and slow rate and decreases blood pressure.

    Has anyone heard of this or had any experience that could explain any of this???
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  3. by   hrule

    I have heard this. Infrared saunas are great for reducing blood pressure and increasing circulation. They heat the body at the core and can provide more benefits at a lower temperature, which also creates a much more comfortbale and relaxing experience!

    The only sauna company that I know of to have clinically-backed results and third party testing to prove the benefits of their saunas is Sunlighten. They have a great line of infrared saunas on the market, but they also have another line that produce near, mid and far infrared wavelenthgs. Near and mid provide additional benefits along with the far infrared wave lengths.

    They have great info on their website - my Chiropractor's office has an mPulse and I love it!

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