How long does oral Kayexalate continue to work in the body? - page 2

Hi. I had a patient with a potassium of 6.4, was given oral Kayexalate, then three days later had a potassium of 2.0. I was just wondering if anyone knows how long Kayexalate continues to work in the body, as I have had trouble... Read More

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    especially if, as I suspect, the patient also got insulin and glucose.....
    Quote from Vespertinas
    This can't be right. K of 6.4, bicarb gtt, and no labs for >48h?

    Or maybe it is... jeez I don't know anymore. My head spins when I hear some of this stuff.

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    how come you left a hyperkalemic patient who is being treated without labs for more than 24 hours.. geeezzzzzzz

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