How long did it take you??

  1. hi. how long did it take you to become a cardiac nurse??? that is what i hope to be. my goal is to work in a docs. office- work with the docs.- help patients and educate them about heart disorders and disease. i am a heart patient myself. my docs. have encourged me to become a nurse. i also already have a bs with many of the prereqs. already done.

    realistically, how long is it going to take me to get to be a cardiac nurse??

    i have been accepted to a bsn program and will begin in jan. i am not looking forward to the hospital clincials in nursing school, but i know i have to pay my dues there... i do not want to work in a hospital.

    how realistic is it to land a job as a cardiac nurse in a docs. office?? how long will it take me after the 2 years for my bsn??

    your insite is appreciated!! epona
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  3. by   hopecandles
    Dear Epona,

    Well, unless you are going for your CCRN, which covers much more than just Cardiac, (I haven't done it yet). You can get a job as a Cardiac nurse as soon as you get your BSN. I think that is great that you want to work in a docs office, and educate the patients. I've only worked in hospitals, and although I sometimes want to pull my hair out, scream, cry, I know a hospital is where I've learned so much. Seen pts have their status change, etc.
    You should ask the docs what they would want for you to work with them. I know some of the Cardiologist have NP that work with them visiting patients on the floor.
    Also have you thought about community nursing? I don't know much about it, but I know they do a lot of eduacatiing patients.
    So, it just depends on what you are more interested in, working alongside the docs, or educating the patients.
    Just keep the doors open. Good Luck.