feeling towards the end of my chapter in dip nursing feeling towards the end of my chapter in dip nursing | allnurses

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feeling towards the end of my chapter in dip nursing

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    I am final year dip nursing student. I'd been sponsored by hospital which specialty in cardiology. I might be send for post basic in cardiology. I'm wonder, what the most important thing that i have to be prepare after i finish my diploma end of next year. I'll be confirm in working after finishing my diploma... even thought i have a lot of time to go through with my final year but i am very nervous and quite scare towards my career that will be start on early of 2012...i am worry and so much of thing need to remember..i'd set my goal for my final year which i want to get CGPA 3.90 and above...i am really needs support from those who had gone through in their final year towards their first career of nursing cardiology in basic one and also some advices are really good for me to bring me up confidently and aware...
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    please help me...i need some advice from those who have experience in nursing life...
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    I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. Your post was very difficult to read. Maybe english is not your first language, but, maybe if you reword it so we can understand you may get some responses.