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I need advice. I am a new grad. I have been working in a nursing home for the last few months. I am so grateful that I have been offered 2 different job opportunities. My conundrum is choosing... Read More

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    Thank you all for all of your input and advice!! I really appreciate it! I have been leaning towards the cardiac surgery step down unit position, and I'm so glad I posted because now I know it is the right decision. Woohoo! I was excited before, but now you guys got me really excited for this opportunity. Thanks again!

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    I would agree with what the others stated; you should go for the cardiac step-down unit. I am a new grad (December 2011), and after a brief stint in a LTC facility, I landed a job on a cardiac progressive care unit. I started about three weeks ago, and I've already learned so much. I don't think you will regret your choice as there will be so many opportunities with this experience and skill set! GOOD LUCK to you!!
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    It sounds to me like the step down position is where your heart is anyway (pun fully intended). You can also go a lot of places with experience as a cardiac nurse; so long as the relocating isn't too much of a problem for you, that's what I would do.

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