Coronary vs cardiac... silly ?

  1. I'm sure this is a silly question, but what is the difference between a coronary intermediate unit and a cardiac intermediate unit? What kind of patients are care for in each?

    I am a nursing student looking at a couple of intern positions including one on each of these units. Any help discerning the difference would be appreciated!

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  3. by   nyrn5125
    is the coronary intermediate meant to really be the pre/post cardiac cath pt's at this facility? it could be
    cardiac would be post open heart,cardiomyopathy,valve disease, chf, chest pain. if it is post cath pt's you would be looking at controlling bleeding groins, pulling sheaths and subsequent vagal responses. cardiac would be more broad and if you are to be there for a good amount of time as an intern go with cardiac
  4. by   TNLisa
    Thanks for the help. The hospital does have a cardiac cath lab, so maybe that is exactly what coronary intermediate means. Based on this, I'm assuming that the patients are sicker on the cardiac unit with a larger variety of procedures etc.

    The internship would only be for a year or less, until I got my license, but I do want a good experience.