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I am interested in finding out if there are other labs that are making their nursing staff to take the RCIS?... Read More

  1. by   Flyboy17
    At our current state our lab is not requiring an RCIS certification for the RN's that scrub. However it is recommended for the clinical ladder that is implemented with us. Further education is always a good thing and I can tell you as a CCL nurse and a flight nurse the RCIS training was great and well worth the time and money.
  2. by   Eric Newport
    ADeosine has such a short half life. What is the benefit of giving it in IV bag regardless of how small it may be. I have only seen it given rapid IV push and followed with 20 CC flush rapid IV push.
  3. by   harley007
    I think it might depend on your lab and what your MD's prefer. We frequently do FFR/IVUS in our lab and all four labs have installed bedside equipment. The Pyxis has pre-mixed Adenosine infusion bags ready to go - what a time saver! Less than 10% of the patients are below or above the weight limit for the pre-mixed. If so, we're back to mixing that time consuming drip, along with a thrombolytic agent and everything prepping everything else that's needed for an FFR.
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  4. by   AbakRN
    I just want to say that in the cath lab it is best if we all work as a team .... I hate how sometimes nurses and rcis and rad techs argue over who's job it is to do one thing or another . Like the scrub tech doesn't think he or she should do the "nurse's job" (connecting and disconnecting patients from the monitor or picking up the patient from the outpatient or inpatient area). Also nurses will say things like I'm the nurse so I'll set the room up the way I want to.... As if he or she is more important than the tech... It's also difficult because my facility uses a lot of travel staff ... It is insulting to both of our educations and years of clinical experience to dog each other.

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