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Well yesterday was the application deadline for the University of the Fraser Valley痴 January 2013 BSN intake. I知 just curious if there are any other anxiety-ridden current applicants out there like me. I知 hoping to create a... Read More

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    So I wonder if that means all people to be interviewed have already been picked. FoxRain, you applied last intake right? Do you know how it worked? Was everyone selected for interviews before the essays or did another batch of interview letters go out after?

    Sorry...I'm just nervous I want to know if there's still hope if I don't get an interview letter this week.

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    Don't worry too much! I just got my interview letter today, and it's still early in the week! There is time!
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    I did apply the previous intake. From what I heard ***** say at September's info-session, was that sometimes they send letters early, to people with good academic standing because they know that those people should be getting an interview. I also think maybe I got one because I am a second time applicant? I am SO sure it does not mean you won't be getting an interview! Last time I received the interview letter after the info-session. A few days after I think.

    Don't be nervous ^.^

    I should add in : On my letter it says interviews will happen in October, and that I should book a time by the 28th of September. So maybe everyone will get a letter soon!

    ALSO .. If you attend the info session, and are currently upgrading or something, it doesn't hurt to wait til after the presentation is done to talk to whoever (I think **** will be doing it again) and let her know that you might have a grade coming in before the interviews begin. Also, to maybe 'present your case' a little. Tell her what you've done etc. I've seen her write down names of students who approach her then and there to call them later for an interview ! Doesn't hurt to try haha.
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    Ok thank you!! That's all I needed to hear (that they come after the info session too). I'm happy for you guys that you got your interview letters already, what a relief! Like I said, I'll keep checking the mail, but if not I'll just have to knock their socks off with my writing abilities. heh...heh...heh

    Oh I'm so ready for this process to be done...and it's just starting
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    I just added a little more to my comment. You might want to read that and omg, me too. I'm so ready to just be IN already. It was so much easier like 4 intakes ago when some of my friends got in with B's and one even got in with a C+ ! Now I'm worried my 4 As won't even be enough
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    That's awesome advice! Thank you so much!

    I'm more than aware that I may not get in this intake, but I want to make sure that by the end of it I can at least say I did absolutely everything I possibly could (relating mostly to my essay and interview since that's all I have control over at this point). I definitely will take advantage of talking to them afterwards if I get the opportunity!

    And I hear you! I have friends who went to BCIT and UFV years ago and the competition just wasn't there back then. They got in with average grades and small amounts of volunteer hours. No stress. AH IF ONLY! But hey, at least we'll appreciate that acceptance so much more!
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    Late post but I finally got my letter... It turns out they shipped it to the wrong address!! Good thing I called haha! And I agree with what FoxRain is saying!! A couple years ago it was so sooo much easier to get into the nursing program for any university I believe. Now it's getting even harder and harder. I'm praying that we all get in! & to those who received interviews, congrats!! If you feel comfortable, please do tell us what you went in with so that way we know what we should have for the next intake (in case we don't get in this intake).

    & like Paraston said if I don't get in this intake, I will at least know that how the process works and that I've given all I have. Ahhh! Hopefully we won't have to think that way. I hope we make it!!
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    Yay! Good, I'm glad you finally got it! Are you in Monday's or Wednesday's information session?
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    Wednesday! Oh god... Now I'm thinking if it matters what day you're in. Haha! Oh my goodness now I know I'm over thinking it. I hope the question will be easy to answer with details. I know 45 minutes will either go by super fast or slow... If it goes by slow for me, I probably will freak out thinking I'm missing something haha!
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    Haha ok I'm glad I'm not the only one because that same thought crossed my mind. But I doubt it matters what day you go to. Let's hope anyway! And I tend to write WAY more than I need to (lol....see my first post for example..), so I know 45 minutes will go by super fast. And I'll probably be sweating buckets the whole time too. Ok DEEP BREATHS! Its so weird; one minute I'm totally calm, and the next I'm super anxious! Oh well. Whatever happens, happens!

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