UFV January 2013 BSN Hopefuls - page 14

Well yesterday was the application deadline for the University of the Fraser Valley's January 2013 BSN intake. I'm just curious if there are any other anxiety-ridden current applicants out there like... Read More

  1. by   FoxRain
    I asked during my interview, but my interviewer didn't know .. and kind of made it seem like it wasn't something I should discuss at the time.. so I'm going to have to contact someone else and find out. I'll try to remember to log on here and let you know, since you have a similar-ish situation ^^
  2. by   losublime
    Sounds good. I did find out that the school where Im taking the first part now does offer a three week full time (and probably pretty stressful) part 2 during the summer. Ill have to find out now if UFV is ok with me doing that. I hope so. Ill keep you posted if I find out
  3. by   phoenixforealz
    No mail. With no change in my application status, I am going through the stages of grief. Right now I am ******, and rather than excercise my anger in a productive manner, I am going to go eat my feelings.
  4. by   riri.g
    I know how you feel. I know I didn't get into the BSN program because it has gotten even more competitive this year and Nancy said the ones that got in had 3A's and 1B... But I am hoping to get into the LPN program. I could wait for September but I don't want to get my hopes up and waste another year. If I do get into the LPN program, I feel like it will benefit me in the future. Only downside is, the UK (where I want to be in the future) doesn't have a bridging program, neither do they have LPNs there.

    I hope the rest of us get through this. & to those that did, CONGRATS
  5. by   careubc
    I'm just wondering... how do those that didnt make in upgrade their highschool courses to A's in time for next intake? I didn't even get an interview for this program cause my highschool marks are 3 B's and one A. I wonder if there is a way to do fast paced upgrading courses in time for the next application deadline...?
  6. by   FoxRain
    riri.g did you get an email about Practical nursing? They said they had a semester or something starting November 5th ( I think ) and maybe you could look into that and then go do a LPN to RN thing
  7. by   FoxRain
    Hi careubc

    Try FVDES and AVS (if you live in Abbotsford) you can do paperbased courses which are at your own pace (so it means you can do them as fast as you want) 4 modules, 4 tests, non-cumulative. Or you can sign up and do an online course with either one of these (FVDES or AVS) and just work through it as quickly as you can.. though there are cons cause it's a longer course (more work) but you do have more support than with paper-based.
  8. by   riri.g
    Yes I did. And I just finished the interview for it today.. I don't know what to expect
  9. by   riri.g
    Okay now I'm considering doing my HCA program for jan and then trying for September 2013. What do you guys think?
  10. by   phoenixforealz
    The LPN program is now two years in length. That means that after you finish the program and do the mandatory 1 year of work, you still have another 4 years of school for your BSN (thats 7 years) - not to mention that you have spent an extra eight grand for your LPN. If you want to be an RN, you should apply to some other schools. If I wasn't let in because of my 'B', I will be looking elsewhere to get my nursing degree. You could not pay me to upgrade, an essentially useless high school pre req, to gain admission.... Yah, it would seem that I am still in the anger phase of loss.
  11. by   riri.g
    Yeah I agree. I think I might try once more for September 2013 and I will also apply at other schools.. Plus apparently there are too many LPNs that its hard to find a job. ... Aww baileybee I am still pretty angry as well... It really is getting harder and harder each year. It's super frustrating. I'll start applying everywhere.
  12. by   FoxRain
    Wow, I had no idea the process from LPN - RN involved doing the full 4 year nursing !! that's crazy. I thought maybe they had an program for people in that situation (Maybe not at UFV, but other schools).. it's definitely not worthwhile in that case.

    You should upgrade your courses and aim for September because having at least 3 As and a B ensures you'll be at the top of your game and probably a shoe-in if you do well in the other areas !

    UFV nursing has gotten really really competitive. . as with nursing everywhere in general I think. Like I hear things on the forums here about BCIT's program, and how people have degrees or at least over 30+ credits before attempting to apply! Wow!

    I still think .. that because your application will be kept on file, don't do the practical nursing thing, and maybe just upgrade your grades and make sure your pre-req GPA is up for September
  13. by   riri.g
    Thanks for the encouragement foxrain!! That is exactly what I intend on doing. If I do the LPN my application will be dropped. Right now I am just trying to figure out when is the last day to hand in upgraded marks for September 2013