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Well yesterday was the application deadline for the University of the Fraser Valley's January 2013 BSN intake. I'm just curious if there are any other anxiety-ridden current applicants out there like... Read More

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    @riri.g I know I've been lurking for quite a bit, but I feel so relieved to read different perspectives about applying to BC nursing programs. Thanks so much for the reply. This is soooo helpful! I found that everyone on AN are such wonderful and hardworking people haha ) I'm currently a first year student so I basically went straight from graduating HS this year to UBC. I hope they only look at the 4 HS courses for our prerequisites! Do they look at our post-secondary transcripts? Right now I have more animal-related volunteer hours, though I don't think working with disabled children at a therapeutic stable would count as one Since September intake is due January there's probably no way I can get that many volunteer hours I think....Applying for January intake is from May to August right? I'm definitely looking to volunteer at hospitals or nursing homes! I'll have to get my L soon and apply for a driving school soon. (I'm a bit frustrated that they require us to have driver's license..I transit way to much to drive so I never got around to get my N haha)

    Seeing from previous posts, there's 60 interviews for 30+ spots right? That's awesome! GL!!!

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    @Elboussante- Just keep trying. And who knows, working with disabled children might work. As long as it's from an agent or like an actual place. And get your drivers license asap! Seeing as each year intake gets even more competitive! A couple years ago, having all B's in your pre-reqs are were good enough... Now it's even harder. And if you plan on transferring to UFV, they will look at your transcript but I don't think it's included with the nursing application process. BUT they probably will be looking at how many electives you've taken or what not...
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    Has anyone gone through their interview yet?
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    I did mine on the 9th.
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    How was it? How were your nerves?!!
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    It was anticlimactic. I believe that we will hear by the 4th of November.
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    Yeah there's still a couple of interviews left. Mine is tomorrow and I`m quite nervous but I think I`m over-thinking it... Do we need to bring anything to the interview?
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    Okay so.. I just finished my interview and I honestly don't know how I feel about it. There was one question that got me. Anyways I wish everyone goodluck.
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    I felt the same. She wasnt giving me anything...
    I feel as though I shouldve sold myself a little more.
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    Exactly! ... Like I walked in the building feeling really good!!... But the questions I was asked were soo general that I was expecting another question after it that would allow me to elaborate. I don't know... I agree, I feel like I could have really said more. I walked out feeling really uneasy so I really don't know what to expect anymore. Let's just hope for the best. All interviews should be done by now so all there is left is to play the waiting game.

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