UFV January 2013 BSN Hopefuls - page 12

Well yesterday was the application deadline for the University of the Fraser Valley's January 2013 BSN intake. I'm just curious if there are any other anxiety-ridden current applicants out there like... Read More

  1. by   FoxRain
    I checked at around 1pm and had received no update.. then again at around 4pm just 'for the hell of it'. My last name starts with an S. I hope that helps you guys, I am crossing my fingers for you
  2. by   riri.g
    Oh.. So is it either your status has been changed to "conditionally accepted" or nothing? Or "conditionally accepted" or "not accepted"
  3. by   Legacy1255
    My decision Didnt change but under the decision box there Is a new box that says "current program - bachelor if sci in nursing" . That wasn't there before . What the hell .
  4. by   riri.g
    Okay that's it I lost hope. Sounds like a good sign Legacy1255
  5. by   riri.g
    Wait legacy I have that too!! Are you sure that didn't used to be there!?? I never looked at it!

    EDIT* Like was it underneath the box that says "Current Program"???
  6. by   Legacy1255
    Yah that's exactly it , I have no idea . It was not there before !!!
  7. by   riri.g
    I don't want to get my hopes up..
  8. by   phoenixforealz
    My last name starts with a 'D' and there has been no change to my status. Also, that current program was always there.
  9. by   riri.g
    Ugh.. K well then.. I don't know. That got my hopes up
  10. by   phoenixforealz
    Totally. I was preselected for an interview and never even considered that I would not get in. Lol. If you take the fast track in September you will finish before the January class.
  11. by   riri.g
    Yeah that's true but I would still rather get in now than rely on september. This is killing me! Are our statuses suppose to change no matter what? Regardless if we get in or not?
  12. by   Legacy1255
    I wish I knew , I got preselected as well , in the first group of people called for an interview . I don't want to get my hopes up ...
  13. by   FoxRain
    Hi guys. This is not my first time applying, therefore I can shed some light regarding the myufv page update thing...

    Last time when I did not get in, my status did not change for a while. Like, I think everyone got their acceptances, and my status was still at "under review by program"... it changed quite a bit later and I *think* if I remember correctly.. I'd gotten my rejection letter by then.