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i was accepted to Niagara's Modified RPN program for 2012 Sept. How exciting! I also applied to Mohawk for Jan 2013 start. Has anyone attended either school and have feedback on the program? Anyone else accepted to Niagara?... Read More

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    Have you started... How is it going poko

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    I did start, and had a slight change in plan.

    I found out a day after classes started that I was accepted to Mohawk RPN program for January, and since it's closer to home, I'm going to transfer there instead of doing Niagara.

    The basic impressions I got from my short couple of days at NC was that the assignments were manageable, but the amount of reading each week was heavy, and that you really need to devote time to read your textbooks. I spent 900 dollars on 13 textbooks for term 1 (granted that some are used throughout the program) so you can clearly see that the reading is by no means "light". With all that said, it seems doable, you just need to manage your time well, be organized and plan your studying!

    Are you attending anywhere this year Dsun?
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    No im going to wait till next Sept and save more money. i bet it will be alot harder at mohawk seeing how its 5 days a wekk and not 3 to 4 evening like NC and also mohawk college you go straight through no break the program is 16 months countious
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    I am currently a pre health student at Niagara college and I was wondering what your marks were like to be accepted into the modified nursing program at NC if you dont mind me asking and Mohawk I am always hearing different things about how high your marks have to be from different people but never asked someone directly who actually got accepted. they say modified is a somewhat easier program to get into compared to full time
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    Hi livmm- I applied with an 88 average. To be honest I don't know what the entrance average is Good luck
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    Hi All,

    I am taking PreHealth in September 2014 at Niagara College in hopes to get into the RPN Modified program for Sept 2015. Does anyone happen to know the layout as far as clinical placement? Does it begin first or second year?


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