Is U of A Nursing worth paying for extra tuition and larger class sizes?

  1. Hello, long time lurker here... I'm currently studying at Grant MacEwan.

    As of now, I'm just taking 1st year nursing classes but I'm not in the program yet.

    I've applied to MacEwan Nursing in October and now I'm just doing my best to keep my

    GPA as high as possible.(3 classes per semester)

    I originally planned on completing the program at gmac but I'm keep over hearing

    people discussing about transferring into U of A, for the reputation.

    For me, I thought Gmac having the newer facilities and funds would provide better


    Nevertheless, I plan on applying to U of A after the finals which is next week.

    If I get accepted to both, is paying extra for U of A worth my time and resources? Or

    is staying at Gmac a better choice?

    p.s. I hope to go to a grad school down the road (5~10 years later)
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  3. by   jumper44
    I went through the same thing when I was deciding where to go. I'm in the first year at Gmac and I absolutely love it so far, the staff are very supportive and overall I have nothing bad to say (accept maybe the admissions process). I have a friend who goes to UofA who has a few gripes, one being the fact that classes are spread out all over campus and making your way from one class to another is a struggle. Also, they do CBL which is different than what we do at Gmac I think it's more focused on group work rather than lectures - more of a self directed type of learning. I've also heard my friend say her classes are less hands on and more theoretical.

    At the end of all of it we all get the same degree and write the same exam and for what it's worth I've heard working nurses actually prefer Gmac students - not to put down the program at UofA. I would go to both open houses and ask as many questions as possible.
  4. by   flyingchange
    When you're working as a nurse, managers don't care where you went to school. They only care that you're registered with CARNA.Go where you think you will get the best education. For me, that was not CBL-style classes.