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Hi all is there any one who applied to york university 2nd entry nursing for class of 2015?... Read More

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    Im working on the preq this semester. How about you? I want to apply to U of T but it seems way too competitive.
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    hi rn15,

    i applied to york, queens as well as uwo. i am waiting to hear from them.

    goodluck everyone
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    I just have a few more pre-req's to complete... It's going to be very nerve wracking to wait for the responses... good luck to everyone ! : )
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    @rn 15... You should try applying to U of T as well.. You never know.. people who thought they never had a shot got in so you should try as well good luck !
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    Does anyone know how the program at Western compares to York? I'm not sure if i should apply to Western. Thanks!
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    I believe the program at Western is 16 months so about a semester shorter than York. I m not sure about any other details but I have applied to both programs. I guess there is a difference in a couple of the courses as you can see on the study plan when you visit the websites of the respective schools.
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    Hi Careheart, thats awesome that you did not limit yourself to one school.
    I contacted Western directly and admissions informed me that last years cut off was 83% so I didnt bother applying.

    How is your last 30 credits? Did you complete all of your preqs?
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    I know! I am very very nervous. I am only applying to York, pretty much putting all my eggs in one basket lol.

    How about you HopefulN, did you apply elsewhere?
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    I applied to Western as well as York... If you Don't mind me asking what is your last 30 credits GPA?
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    Hopeful, my 30 credit average is 78%. I doubt ill be getting in to York but just going to try. How about you?