Unsuccessful on first crne exam (Feb 2013) by 17 marks

  1. Devastated and shocked. Failure was never an option during my schooling.

    Should I pay for the re-check/re-score service?
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  3. by   brithoover
    Did it say how much you missed by
  4. by   seks
    it's in my title/subject header of my thread
  5. by   dishes
    Will it give you piece of mind to have your test re-scored?
  6. by   seks
    I am not sure. I am just not convinced that I actually fail this exam
  7. by   dishes
    Your feelings of devastation, shock and uncertainty are understandable, others who failed the CRNE the first time also reported they had never failed a test before. If you are not convinced that you actually failed the exam, the re-score will give you confirmation. Keep in mind the re-score results take time and you may not receive them before the deadline to apply to re-write the June exam. If you do decide to re-write you may want to look at the pamphlet What can I do differently next time? http://www.cpnre.ca/documents/Re-wri..._final2012.pdf
  8. by   brithoover
    Isn't the crne multiple choice? If you missed by 17 I don't think there could be that big of a miscount. I'd focus your energy on studying for the next one. Maybe take a review course
  9. by   studentbecominganurs
    Sorry to hear about that. Dont give up! Take a few days to reflect and stand back on your feet! We forumers (no such word) support you!

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