September 11, 2013 CPRNE Exa Results

  1. Is anyone else anxiously awaiting their results??? I know - early - but - WANT!!!
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  3. by   mrs.monty
    My husband and i are waiting for the results as well. Eventhough the result is not due until next week or the week after, waiting is quite painstaking. I hope it turns out well for us. Godbless. 😊
  4. by   m2mnels
    i am very anxious and excited at the same time. Always updating the web for any news.Hope that the standard percentage of the passing rate is not that high so everyone has a chance for the registration. I guess I need to focus now for the IELTS too.
  5. by   mrs.monty
    I hope we receive the results next week. Though i know they dont come or get mailed at the same time in all provinces. Best of luck to all of us. 😊
  6. by   prynka
    last time students get their result by October 12.
  7. by   LuluGirl
    I heard that some results have been released in NB? Does anyone know?
  8. by   mrs.monty
    Results are out in Saskatoon. 😊
  9. by   LuluGirl
    Congrats Saskatoon!! Wish you all passing grades!!
  10. by   mrs.monty
    Thank you lulugirl. I hope for best results on your part too. 😊
  11. by   prynka
    anyone from Ontario received their results?
  12. by   jamd11
    I'm in ON and no mail yet!
  13. by   prynka
    Hi mrs.monty how was your result? did you get it?
  14. by   prynka
    Thanks for updating jamd11 any idea when we are expecting. if you have call CNO.