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Hello everyone, I just received a sad mail - I failed feb 2013 CRNE. I wanted to share about what I did for the prep: 1. I took the Toronto school of health. I thought it would be really helpful because I learned something... Read More

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    Hi studentbecominganurs,

    Thank you for your reply. I am not good at patho sections, sometimes, I have resistance to patho stuff. I tried to memorize patho things, but it did not work out. Did you memorize med-surg stuff? how you study?


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    Hi fairy_C

    Sorry for the late reply. I was never good at patho or med surg. In nursing school, I almost failed the med surg course. What I did for the CRNE was, I read the med surg book over and over and over again until i started to remember things without intentionally memorizing it. I hate memorizing too and trust me, you can pass without memorizing everything. BUT OF COURSE the lab values you should know (Potassium, Sodium, USG). and dont worry, i did not read the whole book. I read pages on the diseases. It worked for me. I just kept reading the same few pages on Acute/Chronic Renal Failure, COPD, Asthma, Heart Failure, MI, Diabetes and I passed! I didn't really study/read Stroke but I would suggest understanding the basics about stroke. I would also suggest reading Cystic Fibrosis, Liver Cirrhosis and Fluid & Electrolyte Balance because there were questions. Know your ABGs! and study Maternity! If you don't have a good foundation, i would suggest going back to your maternity textbook because thats what i did.

    What you want to do now is focus on reading the med surg and patho textbook until you understand the disease. Focus on one topic at a time for instance, start with diabetes, read 5 pages of diabetes in one day and then read a smaller topic like hip fracture and then the next day read diabetes again and Sodium (less pages) until you understand diabetes. Third Day, back to diabetes. Try to spend 3-5 days on one disease until you FULLY understand the disease, thats when you know to move on to the next disease. BUT don't forget to go back to diabetes (a brief review) so you don't forget what you studied! I would suggest reviewing it once a week to refresh your memory.

    And try doing some questions to see if you understand the disease. Try to do questions on the weekends. But for now, start studying 3-5 hours a day and then add more hours. By May you should be spending 6-8 hours a day studying/reviewing. Don't forget to do practice questions. I remember seeing a few exam questions from the practice questions that i did somewhere. I don't remember where. When I had time, I did the Mosby Practice Questions from the Comprehensive Review and the Practice Book. I also used Lippincott but I did Lippincott in the beginning and stopped because I couldn't borrow it anymore from the library.

    If you ever get sick of reading the med surg textbook, read Potter and Perry. Don't read the whole book. I picked and chose topics like ABGs, Braden Scale, Chest Tubes etc. When you get bored of reading, you can also youtube videos on heart disease to understand the patho. That helped me too but make sure you don't spend time youtubing other non relevant videos! I find watching youtube videos helped QUITE A LOT too and it's more enjoyable than sitting down for hours studying because it gave me the basic understanding so when I read the patho book, it made sense to me!

    Good luck!
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    hi fairy_c

    hows your studying coming along? do you feel like you know more than the first time you studied? hope its going well. good luck and dont forget to take break when needed
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    Hello @ studentbecominganurs and fairy

    I have similar situation that i filed my first trial this june 5th exam, now i am registered to write the exam october 2nd but i have been busy working as a grad nurse did not get a chance to study, the exam only 1 and half month away and i haven't start studying but i took LOA from work, i feel scared and i don't feel i could pass the second trial so what do u think i should do? would i be able to skip this exam on october and write it in February? am I allowed? or should i just try to study everyday starting now and try the exam?
    any advice will be appreciated TNX

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