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Hello everyone, I just received a sad mail - I failed feb 2013 CRNE. I wanted to share about what I did for the prep: 1. I took the Toronto school of health. I thought it would be really helpful... Read More

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    Hello @ studentbecominganurs and fairy

    I have similar situation that i filed my first trial this june 5th exam, now i am registered to write the exam october 2nd but i have been busy working as a grad nurse did not get a chance to study, the exam only 1 and half month away and i haven't start studying but i took LOA from work, i feel scared and i don't feel i could pass the second trial so what do u think i should do? would i be able to skip this exam on october and write it in February? am I allowed? or should i just try to study everyday starting now and try the exam?
    any advice will be appreciated TNX
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