CRNE June 2012

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    Anyone started to prepare for CRNE June 2012?
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    hi i start to prepare to june 2012 but am so confused i start to read the standard now and u did u start or nt yet and which books u use to study
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    I am!
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    with what did u start and when and wich books u read ??? r u here in toronto
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    hi guys, I'm also curious about what prep guides/materials everyone is using to prep. it'd be so helpful if you wouldn't mind sharing what you find helpful when studying for this beast of an exam! xo erin
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    hi erin with what did u start and wich books u have?? me little lost we need a groupe to study and share with...
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    Quote from bella.donna
    Anyone started to prepare for CRNE June 2012?

    me to I am from scotland and intend to move over to toronto in May so i have a lot of studying and moving stuff to do
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    hi lizziem wich books u have and its ur first time???
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    this wil be my first attempt i am reading Mosbys prep guide 2007
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    hi, I also will be writing the exam in June, I have been using the Mosby review book. Does anyone have any information on review classes etc. Any help will be appreciated.