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Hello all, I am a nursing student who is going to write the CRNE for the second time this February. The first time I wrote was June, and I failed my exam : ( I was very sad and depressed at... Read More

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    Pls, I need help on what to study to pass the CRNE
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    Quote from specialn
    Pls, I need help on what to study to pass the CRNE
    Have you read the HUNDREDS of posts on this topic? They're all here somewhere. If you found this thread you should be able to find them. I don't think it's necessary to continually repost information that can be easily retrieved with a Google search of our site.
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    Hi Stevenoo7,

    I studied nursing in US and successfully completed NCLEX in 2009. Hopefully we'll be getting our results for CRNE soon. Its been quite a long wait. Good luck
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    Hi Shannonwhite, Rangeela and all those who were reattempting the CRNE. Sincerely hope you all succeed this time round.....Good luck to you all.
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    Results out so far for PEI, BC, SK, congrats to all new RNs in Canada. Hope to join your club very very very soon. Im currently working as a grad nurse and dealing with the same biting question each day.."do you have your results yet, i need to take time off from work so hurry up and help us out."
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    for all those watching and waiting with us......still no results yet to report from my end Its been quite a wait.
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    Thanks be to God Almighty. I PASSED my CRNE first attempt!!!!!!! What a relief. Good luck to all future candidates and may this site be a source of encouragement to you all as it has been to me. Best wishes.
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    [QUOTE="Sadaf;7433493"]Hello Everyone

    This is "" anyone who is interested in forming a group for the October write 2013 please email me. I am located downtown Totonto. Please get in touch soon. We don't have a lot of time left. Perhaps a better option ( so that many people can become a part) is skyping.
    Please message me personally via email. I am on email 24/7
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    i am presently studying now for october wrote in june and failed and despite taking a prep course and striving still failed. mutiple choice not my thing. funny thing is weaker students than myself passed and i wonder what the heck happened with me. i am currently studing weekdays alone and would love to study with someone.
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    Can you forward the information to me too please?
    I would lilke to know the available course (online or in Scarborough/Tornoto) that I can take to prepare for the exam.
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    I would also like his contact detail also. Thank you.

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