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  1. by   isha.l
    Also, does anybody live in Brampton?
  2. by   Talk
    Quote from electricblack
    I just want to wish those that are taking the CRNE this February and June 2013 Good Luck. Hopefully you successfully completed your Jurisprudence Exam and keeping calm this whole time before you prep for your exams. They normally have the June exams at MTCC right by Union Station DT Toronto. Get yourself a bag of gummy bears and some water to ease your mind.

    If this is your second or third try, I highly recommend that you consider taking a prep course. A decent one would be about CAD$1,000+ for a full month course (which I really suggest you do take), any less might not help you so much.

    If you are planning on doing a group study, anymore than 4 people might not be too helpful and choose your group wisely. I started doing my prep course two months before I took my exam last October and it was sufficient enough.

    If you guys need some help or suggestions for courses or any questions at all, feel free to message me. I'm not here to advertise but mainly to support those that are in the same position that I was in.
    Hi, I will be writing in June 2013, any suggestion as you offered in your earliest respond
  3. by   neebapaul
    Quote from isha.l
    I was thinking of starting prep but im really confused as to where to start. Can someone suggest a way to study?
    It would be a good idea to start with professional practice.
  4. by   Marien2nv
    yes i am writing, I just started studying harder, i attended Ottawa U but moved to Edmonton, was wondering if anyone wants to meet to form a study group
  5. by   Marien2nv
    I do not know but i live in edmonto, wanna study together?
  6. by   littlestar01
    Hi electricblack, I have read some of your posts in regards to writing the crne for the third time. I am currently in that situation and I would like to get some tips on how to manage to pass this exam. I have delayed writing this exam for two years as I am very devastated and have been experiencing a huge amount of anxiety. How did you study differently on your third attempt? Which prep course did you go to?
  7. by   princesspatiu
    Quote from Helper11
    Any one writing the exam?
    Hi. I am writing the exam for the first time. Reviewed on my .own. i hope to pass on my first take. In winnipeg now.
  8. by   megan005
    Just a random question, are any of you planning on staying in a hotel near the exam location the night before? I'm driving in from about an hour outside the city i'm writing in and I don't want to have to worry about traffic.
  9. by   lordhelpme
    anyone in Winnipeg Manitoba writing the crne this coming june 2013

    this is my last try writing in wpg in june

    staying at the hotel where exam will be, its much easier and doesn't cause extra worrying and stress that we don't need as the exam is as stressful as is
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  10. by   princesspatiu
    So excited to write the crne on june 5. I am an internationally educated nurse from Philippines. I just want to share that rrc has this amazing rn refresher program for those who want a review for crne. It helped me gain knowledge and confidence in writing the exam. Let us pray we all pass. I just had my baby three weeks ago l. She will be my lucky charm.:-)
  11. by   Swedekuri79
    Anyone in Brampton wants to join me for a study group. I am preparing to write crne in October. I am studying hard and r looking for serious d dedicated people.
  12. by   neebapaul
    Hi everyone, how was exam today?
  13. by   peinggay
    the exam was not too bad! there are pathophys questions, a lot about teratogenics during pregnancy and ofcourse, psychosocial!

    Quote from neebapaul
    Hi everyone, how was exam today?