CPNRE Result (Sept-Oct 2017) - page 13

Have you written your CPNRE yet? I just did mine yesterday. Let us update each other about the exam result here. The waiting game has just started!... Read More

  1. by   Gagan gill
    Quote from gilljiw
    I am an international graduate and i am from india. Do you have any study material please suggest me
    Hi gilljiw
    I also giving CPNRE exam 3rd attempt if you would like some discussion then please email me
    My email address is
  2. by   Ginger1996
    Has anyone with a temporary license received their exam results yet that were in the second batch of results?
  3. by   skylynn
    No I haven't and neither has another in our group. people that wrote after us got theirs already. Getting real inpatient.
  4. by   Ginger1996
    I called the CNO yesterday and they said results for us were mailed but I also know another girl with her temp with no results yet. I think they forgot to mail us the results. @skylynn
  5. by   brittruns08
    I wrote Oct 17 and I still have not received results. My friend received hers results Monday and she wrote Oct 22. Getting inpatient.
  6. by   bellap#33
    Hi, I wrote October 17th, I already received my result. Which part of Ontario are u??
  7. by   brittruns08
    I wrote in scarborough but I live north of Peterborough.
  8. by   skylynn
    I still haven't received anything ... I called the CNO and had no idea what was going on. Pretty much saying they were sent out the 15th and to give it 10 business days which is today. I'd call them to resend whoever hasn't received theirs yet.
  9. by   skylynn
    Says they have but still nothing.. I'm wondering when our employer finds out if we passed or failed ?
  10. by   Ginger1996
    I called today as well for a re-send. Im thinking our employer by now would have been contacted if we failed. Or the status on the "find a nurse" would have changed.
  11. by   brittruns08
    I called today to get my results resent. The lady on the phone said they are aware some ppl arent receiving their results but basically they arent resending them unless you call .

    She also told me all the results were sent out Novemeber 15.