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Hi Everyone! Thought I would start a thread for our examination group. I found the exam really challenging but after reading the CPNRE - January 2012 threads and seeing how freaked out everyone was and worried that they... Read More

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    Quote from fellow classmate re: Ontario

    I just spoke with someone from the CNO, she said that our results (Ontario) were sent out yesterday so we should be getting them next week. She also said that since the deadline for September (if case we need to rewrite) is July 3rd. Since we should be getting them next week, we will have enough time to sent out another application to write in September to meet the deadline of July 3rd. Regardless of the processing time (up to 10 days) as long as they receive it BEFORE July 3rd, you will be able to write in September. She also said, if you don't succeed in May then you automatically get a test application package for September to fill out and send. You can also fax your application as long as your paying with credit card to avoid the 5 day sending process to Toronto. I hope this answers a lot of unanswered questions that are floating in your heads! Goodluck, results will be here soon!

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    Quote from kheemooy
    The passing mark is 107. I haven't gotten my result yet. I'm so nervous. :'(
    62 percent duhhhhhh! So the exam was really difficult.
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    nothing in the mail for me. its4:20pm, i doubt im gonna get it today. maybe tomorrow.
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    is there a way to see results online? apparently my neighbor got his! where is mine?? sttresseeeddd.
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    I passed so happy!
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    Quote from katrinas4619
    I passed so happy!
    congrats!!! where are you from?? no results yet i'm from brampton..

    i know 2 people who had theirs but both failed. :'( so i'm wondering if it's true that the pass letters are mailed last and the fail letters are sent out first so they could re-apply right away for the next exam.

    yea it's true guys.. the passing score is 107.. so around 60-62%.
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    i know two people who was unsuccesful got their today too. i dont think they mail it first. i think its just coincidence. im from toronto and nada!
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    Quote from rizelda.delara
    i know two people who was unsuccesful got their today too. i dont think they mail it first. i think its just coincidence. im from toronto and nada!
    well the other one is from toronto, and the other one from pickering.. they both are unsuccessful and received ther letter today. if you're from toronto you should have yours too now.. or maybe the hypothesis is true. well let's just cross our fingers.. i really want to know the result. i wanna get over this. *sigh*

    anyone from GTA who already received a pass letter??
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    i have a classmate who got her PASSING results today. we went to school together in Hamilton but she lives in Toronto and may have wrote her exam in Toronto.

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