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Hi Everyone! Thought I would start a thread for our examination group. I found the exam really challenging but after reading the CPNRE - January 2012 threads and seeing how freaked out everyone... Read More

  1. by   Kadm1
    I have to ask...am I the only one that found there was just simply not enough time given for the test? I also had several questions that I did not finish when the time was up...I wish we could have had at least one extra hour..I wrote in London and there were many others that didn't finish as well...I am so scared!
  2. by   katrinas4619
    Thanks that was good to know as for the time issue; I finished the exam in 2 hours and did not feel rushed at all. Yet there were fellow classmates of mine that felt they did not have enough time and they emailed the CNO to give feedback to this effect.
  3. by   Kadm1
    Does anyone know what the last passing grade was??
  4. by   toronto_nurse
    The passing grade for January 2012's CPNRE was 56% so 101 was the passing mark.
  5. by   newnursejoan
    Hi Toronto Nurse, what has the passing mark for the CPNRE typically have been in the past. 56 percent seems rather low
  6. by   toronto_nurse
    I can't answer for past results because I'm not sure but I think it hovers around the 60% more or less. Take into consideration that last January 2012 was the new format/blue print in which the CPNRE has adapted the format similar to the RN licensing exam. There is a document out on the web that shows that the passing rate for the CPNRE for nurses educated outside of Canada hovers around 50% or lower so that may have an impact on the passing mark because a lot of IEN's write the CPNRE.

    I commonly hear a lot of people complain that the exam does not test their knowledge and its not suppose to hence why knowledge is worth about 15%.
  7. by   mapleleafcn
    I read from another forum that they already mailed out the results to our respective provinces.
  8. by   katrinas4619
    Sorry guys but I just got off the phone with the CNO and I was told they have not even received the results back from the testing agency (I'm assuming ASI) and that we will not get our results back till at least the last week of June
  9. by   josephine clarke
    Hi, From Newfoundland! I was told around the 6th of June but have not received anything.. I was also told that our results will be sent from Ottawa (ASI).
  10. by   TFAN29
    [font="verdana"]i wrotemy exam on january 11, 2012 and received my results in the mail on february13th. my exam was the first with the new format and i finished the whole examin lots of time. it really depends on an individual person's reading skills(speed) and comprehension of exam questions. the pass for our exam was only 56%or 101/180 and it is based on an average of the grades of those who wrote andnot on a pre-determined score. the exam is not scored out of four categories.it is an overall of all questions combined and totals the number of answers yougot right. wrong answers do not count. the four category thing basicallydivides the exam into the kind of questions you wrote. our program coordinator explained this to my class in great depth. the exam content isdifferent every time and schools do not know what the content is going to be sothey are unable to decide what to focus on when preparing lectures. it is definitelythe student’s responsibility to have a wide range of knowledge.

    good luck to everyone who wrote. you should probably expect your results in theweek of june 18th. a small envelope with 2 pieces of paper is a pass
  11. by   mapleleafcn
    Thanks to your valuable input. Yeah i agree that the scores are not predetermined. As far as I know it solely depends on the national average. Hope that no brainy stud took the exam last may 16.
  12. by   mapleleafcn
    Guys pei distributed the results right now
  13. by   mysteriousmirage
    any news about the results, guys????