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Without talking about specific material from the exam of course, discuss how you found the exam? difficulty level? did the CPNRE prep manual/predictor test compare to the exam itself? Also, feel free to post results here, when... Read More

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    hi! im planning to take the CPNRE this September. Can you suggest any good review center in Toronto? thanks

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    stick to the basic mosby, prep guide, funda from potter and perry thats it. Just stick to the basic.
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    Quote from Insomniac-88
    the passing grade is 101. Which works out to a 56%, I've never seen it that low.

    I also heard a passing letter comes in a big envelope?

    Still waiting on mine.
    is this true?
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    The answer to that depends on the province where the exam is written. Some provinces send out the registration paperwork with the results and others don't. And the provinces sometimes change up how they release the results. You can't guess what your results might be on the size, colour or thickness of the envelope. You have to open it and read the contents.
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    hey! so i was wondering where you reviewed for the upcoming exam. i'm taking the exam this month too!

    i'm not sure how i'm doing so far for the exam.

    i know the last exam's passing rate was more or less 56%. d'you know how much it is previously/usually? it seems pretty low for a licensure exam. just wondering if it's more or less in that percentage or just the last time? i can't really gauge myself.
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    if an applicant passes the exam, what other requirements should be submitted to the CNO before registration is completed and your license will be issued?
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    Quote from jay_j
    if an applicant passes the exam, what other requirements should be submitted to the CNO before registration is completed and your license will be issued?
    Check CNO website but they may not issue a license if you do not have PR or other acceptable legal residency in Canada like spouse/partner has a TWP
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    how about police clearance? is CPR training certificate required?
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    Quote from blue eye girl
    Second of all, work on the questions you had on the exam. If you are to rewrite, that is.

    The books I used are: " Fundamentals of Nursing"- this is a must, start reading early so you have enough time for this book, but it's worth it.
    Also Prep guide 3rd and 4th ed and Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Practical Nursing for the NCLEX-PN , 16th edition.

    Hi I got all the books you mentioned, but do you mind to tell me which Fundamentals of Nursing you were using? I have just finished 2nd year of the RN's program and taking the bridge program to the PN this summer. Also I am going to have my exam on Sep 11th. I had Potter's fundamentals and I am pretty familiar with it. I know I am kind paranoid, all the fundamentals of nursing books should provide the basic knowledge. I am just curious. Thank you!
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    Is that possible to get the questions from the last 3 or 4 CPNRE exams...Do they publish it...??!!

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