Xavier college stockton ca should I enroll?

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    Any recent LVN grads from Xavier College. Stockton ca? I notice it's very out dated inside not sure why they don't update it since they do charge a good amount for the school? they should care a little more about appearance and make it more presentable.
    Regardless to the outdated look of the school; I did get a good vibe from the school compared to the vibe I got at from carrington. If someone can give me a true view of the school. Please Rate the school from your experience 1-10 was it what you expected? More or less in expectation?and why you give it the score ?
    The education and training ? Did you leave confident?
    how do doctors view their students during clinical a and during job interview?
    If you are working? Are you working were you thought you would work with good pay? Or how long did it take you to find a position? are you still looking for a position? Are you in RN program? Were you prepared properly to enter the end program? Which one are you in?
    How to handle schedule with kids? The thought of having no Saturdays with them seems a bit tough and evening classes. I'm prepared to sacrifice but wondered how you handled your schedule. How hard is the entrance exam ? Would you recommend this school?
    how was your clinical experience? Do you feel you were treated and given an opportunity to learn from the nurses? Thank you!
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    I don't know Xavier from Adam, but I did check their BVNPT accreditation and theirs is set to expire tomorrow. I don't know if they've been approved for reaccreditation because the BVNPT hasn't updated their page (as far as I know) to reflect that status. I also checked their pass rates, and so far, they're "hovering" around 80% over the past few years. It might be a good idea to contact the BVNPT to verify their accreditation status.

    They may be quite good, I have no idea, but it would behoove you to double check any school you apply to so that you can be sure you're applying to a properly accredited program.
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    Hello Akulahawk,
    The question is not really if Xavier College in Stockton is a poor quality school, or the fact that Xavier College is very expensive, or that the pass rate is declining, but whether or not you can get a job once you complete your LVN? Unless you know something I do not there are virtually no jobs for LVNs and you really need to be an RN or at least a psychiatric technician or psychiatric nurse to get a job. Almost a third of the LVN programs have shut down in California because there are essentially no jobs.
    The other issue is that "colleges" such as Kaplan or Xavier Nursing College in Stockton are actually just adult or trade schools. Xavier College in Stockton is not accredited by WASC as an institution of higher education but it is simply licensed as a trade tech or adult school. A place like Xavier College in Stockton is really no more a college than a "barber college." This is fine if you have the money and can not get into a community college nursing program and all you want is to pass the LVN board, but the classes taught at Xavier Nursing College in Stockton can not transfer to a college of higher education, even a community college such as Delta in Stockton, so if you want to later pursue a BSN, you will basically start all over again at the bottom.
    My advice is get into the nursing program that leads to being an RN or psychiatric technician or psychiatric nurse program at someplace like San Joaquin Delta College. This will lead to a good paying job, or better yet get into a BSN program.
    Take the $21,000.00 and enroll in real college and get a degree or credential that has a future, or instead of enrolling in Kaplan or Xavier College in Stockton, buy Lotto tickets, this is a lot more fun and you are far more likely to be making money!!!