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  1. 0 What is this Wonderlic about? How should I study? I def don't want to stress over this Wonderlic test. Any tips?
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    Do you figure this out? I'm on the same boat. I have done online free ones and didn't do so good need more of an explanation on how to do it right.
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    I'm applying for the LPN course at concord and had to take the wonderlic. I don't think I did so good on it, but the school only required a score of 17 and I got 19. I am really stressing about the teas test!
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    I was going to do Concord but their morning classes don't start up again here in Oregon till June, I'm a do the Wonderlic at Pioneer Paific and maybe look into Sumner. Best of luck. What did you do to prepare for the Wonderlic ?
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    The wonderlic is just a practice test for the TEAS V. My school only requires 18 correct answers. I didn't know anything about the wonderlic when I went to inquire, I think it's just to determine where you are...the questions get harder as you go on. If you're studying the TEAS V book you'll be fine. I believe all wonderlic test have differs questions, mine was mainly reading, grammar and math.