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does anyone have any information or input( asside from the schools own website) regarding Westcoast University in CA/ TX (DALLAS)?... Read More

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    Quote from tptp279
    Jobs really depend on how much experience you have. I currently attend WCU and I have two job offers as soon as I'm done, one of which is a magnet hospital. What helped me land them though is that I started working for them while in nursing school. My managers basically hire on PAID work experience and not clinical hours. Out of my graduating class, about 10-20% have already been offered jobs but again it is because we have paid work experience.

    My advice to you, take all your prereq classes at a CC and transfer in. It'll save you about 30-40K.
    What do you do?

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    Hi! I am currently attending a CSU and did apply to other CSU's but I have a feeling I will not get into them... My GPA is sort of low. I haven't taken the TEAS test yet but the TEAS test is what they look at for entry into west coast correct? I am looking into attending west coast. Is it a good school? I feel like people say it's really hard. Also.. it costs a lot too. Did you have to take out a lot of loans?

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