West Coast University - Los Angeles / Victory campus.

  1. Hello, everyone.
    I have probably misplaced this topic, so I apologize.
    I also couldn't find an updated thread on the school.
    Anyhow, starting Jan 28 of 2013, I will be starting the BSN program here. I have heard mixed comments.
    From actual students in the program, I hear good things. The price is, of course, astronomical, but other than that, as excited I am to start (I've applied to other places, but unfortunately didn't have enough points due to lack of experience / out of area), there's a bit of a nagging feeling in my stomach about the school.

    Can you some of you be kind enough to share experiences, reviews?

    (As a side note, I have already transferred 11 of my classes, so I only have 3 pre-reqs to do - Biochem, Cultural Pluralism, Pathophysiology.)
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  3. by   emark
    Im also thinking of going to WCU! If you dont mind me asking..since you have most of the prereqs done..how much is your tuition now?? and when will you graduate?

  4. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    There is a West Coast University January 2013 thread that had some pretty interesting things to say... I have no experience personally, so I won't assert my opinion other than to say do your research; check to see if the places you would want to work hire WCU graduates... Look at the nclex pass rates compared to other schools.... If you are taking student loans out, really think about the "investment" you are making.

    Shortcuts do have their price... If I were you, I'd trust my gut and not ignore that feeling you are having...