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I plan on starting WCU in august but every time I bring WCU up to coworker or others in the field all I get is negative comments such as it’s not a respectable school… that new grads from WCU don’t get hired in hospitals cause of... Read More

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    Getting into an RN school, especially a BSN program should be competitive. It sucks how responsible prenursing students who don't want to take a hundred thousand dollar loan is not preferred over someone who wants a nursing degree at the cost of a medical doctorate (plus more.)
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    Hi! I go to WCU and I like it. It is really hard. You are NOT buying your degree. I almost wish they made it easier considering how much we are paying-- I completely understand why it is so difficult, as we have peoples lives in our hands and we need to be competent nurses. It is crazy, though. People fail each term if they are not serious. They work us until we are basically crying. And our clinicals are at hospitals, NOT assisted living. The hospitals for the OC campus are at West anaheim medical center, Pacific hospital, Hoag, CHOC, UCI, Placentia Linda and several others. So we do get good experiences. Do not listen to the negativity that others say. It took me 3 years to decide to go to WCU. I decided and I graduate next year. It sounds so good to say that! Good luck!
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    love your confidence. im starting in April and cant wait! ive called USC UCLA and other prestigious universities and asked if they accept a BSN from west coast and they all said yes due to the recent WASC accreditation. so keep your head up and do work while ignoring all these negative comments. Youll have your bsn in less than a year! Congrats and hopefully im there right with you.
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    i'm a current west coast student and i want to know what the job outlook for a new grad from this school is like.

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