USF New Nurse Residency Program in non-Traditional Ambulatory Care Settings 2012

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    I was wondering if anyone previously applied or completed USF's New Nurse Residency Program in Non-Traditional Ambulatory Care Settings program. Even though this program does NOT guarantee a job with USF after completion, I have heard that about 80% of the nurses get hired/jobs in SF. Is this true? Some insight or opinions about the program would be great!
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    Hey! I'm currently putting together my application! Are you applying? I'm not originally from the area so I'm hoping to break in with this.
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    yes i'm applying! i'm looking at the list of application directions but didn't understand one of the directions: describe your efforts to obtain rn employment since graduation. include response of employer. do you understand what they mean when they say, "include response of employer"?
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    Has anyone heard from USF ambulatory new nurse residency program yet?
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    I haven't heard anything yet and it's making me nervous. The email I received said we'd know by the end of August and agencies would contacting us "soon." Anyone have any luck?
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    They are asking you to tell them about what you have done to get a job as an RN since you graduated and what the response was from those places that you applied to. i.e. hired or denied. Hope this helps.