USF New Nurse Residency Program in non-Traditional Ambulatory Care Settings 2012

  1. I was wondering if anyone previously applied or completed USF's New Nurse Residency Program in Non-Traditional Ambulatory Care Settings program. Even though this program does NOT guarantee a job with USF after completion, I have heard that about 80% of the nurses get hired/jobs in SF. Is this true? Some insight or opinions about the program would be great!
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  3. by   elo12
    Hey! I'm currently putting together my application! Are you applying? I'm not originally from the area so I'm hoping to break in with this.
  4. by   starghadeer
    yes i'm applying! i'm looking at the list of application directions but didn't understand one of the directions: describe your efforts to obtain rn employment since graduation. include response of employer. do you understand what they mean when they say, "include response of employer"?
  5. by   Sharsharkang
    Has anyone heard from USF ambulatory new nurse residency program yet?
  6. by   elo12
    I haven't heard anything yet and it's making me nervous. The email I received said we'd know by the end of August and agencies would contacting us "soon." Anyone have any luck?
  7. by   2dogsandaguy

    They are asking you to tell them about what you have done to get a job as an RN since you graduated and what the response was from those places that you applied to. i.e. hired or denied. Hope this helps.