UCLA vs. CSULB [Transfer BSN]

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in transferring to UCLA and CSULB for a BSN. I wanted to get some advice and opinions on these two schools. I know UCLA is more expensive but I've been hearing that it is easier to get hired because of the name of the school, and I know CSULB is cheaper but less-known.
    I'm not too worried about finance because that can be solved by working and paying back loans. I am also open to other suggestions and schools. I just want to know what is the best in the end. I also am taking into consideration the college experience that you will get from each school.
    I also considered double majoring in Music and I know it would be really hard if I went to UCLA. But is it possible? Or even CSULB?
    Some background information about the schools would also be nice.

    UCLA and CSULB (or other Nurses that have gone through this process), please help a 21 year old student decide for the best!
    If I were to get accepted to both should I choose UCLA or CSULB?

    Thank you!
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