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Hi all, So now that the application period has closed, I guess it's time to sit on the edge of our seat and wait for our phone to ring. Anyone have an idea of how soon they'll be making phone calls? I would think after the ... Read More

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    Still waiting :/. My app still says "application received".

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    I'm also still waiting and still in review....positive thoughts!
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    Quote from bsnsmu1212
    I'm also still waiting and still in review....positive thoughts!
    I'm concerned because mine doesn't even say in review.
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    Mine has said that it was in review at least for the duration of the new year. I'm not sure if it carries more significance than yours. The way I look at it, neither of us have been "rejected" so we are still in good shape. Stay hopeful!
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    If it helps, mine was in review since 12/14/2012, then it was updated at 1/14/2013 to "in review" still, and then I got a call for interview 2-3 days later and it changed to "selected for interview." Relax and think positive thoughts.
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    For those still waiting - just got a call this morning for the panel interview, so things are moving along. Keep your chin up!
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    Not selected. Good luck to those of you with interviews. I would love to compare notes in hopes of increasing my chances in the future if any of you are willing. Email
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    I just received a rejection email from Stanford today. Glad my application was at least considered for such a prestigious hospital! Congratulations to everyone who received a phone call, you must be one of the top!
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    Has anyone received a call this morning for the final interview? I think they said they would call sometime before 1. Im trying to keep my mind busy with something else but without luck.
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    Was wondering the same thing as mrosa. I received a call from the nurse recruiter at 8am this morning and was told I would have 3 interviews with nurse managers. I've since received 2 calls from nurse managers on a surgical step-down and Intermediate ICU floor. I am in shock and beyond excited/grateful! Has anyone else heard anything? Wishing you all good news!

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