Stanford New Grad RN Residency March 2012

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    Couldn't find a thread for the SHC New Graduate RN Residency Program with the start date of 3/12/12 so I thought I would start one. Hopefully people will begin posting any news, status changes, or updates soon!

    Good luck to all!

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    Mine says in review.
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    Mine still says "Application Received". A few people I know are interviewing on Jan 31st.
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    does anyone know how the interview process will be this time around? I'm guessing they got rid of the phone interview of the past. Is it just one interview now with a unit manager or do they still do the panel interviews in HR?
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    There are no phone interviews this time around the survey in the application took place of that.
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    Anyone get a call for an interview?.. I got a missed "unknown" number yesterday.. I am always afraid I missed them...
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    I got a call today for an interview. It is a panel interview, with 4 other candidates in the room at the same time as me. They will be asking behavioral type interview questions and none of the candidates will be asked the same questions.
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    when is your interview? good luck!
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    Hello All,I landed an interview on January 31st. They told me that 74 people were chosen and that only 10 people will be selected. Good luck everyone!
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    Are they done calling people for a panel interview?

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