Stanford New Grad RN Residency March 2012 - page 2

Couldn't find a thread for the SHC New Graduate RN Residency Program with the start date of 3/12/12 so I thought I would start one. Hopefully people will begin posting any news, status changes, or... Read More

  1. by   belle128
    So is anyone moving on to the next round? Curious what units are hiring...
  2. by   NewbNurse11
    In response to "So is anyone moving on to the next round? Curious what units are hiring..." I am moving on and my interviews are scheduled for Intermediate Cardiac ICU and the BMT/Oncology unit. Good Luck to those who have more interviews coming up in the next couple of weeks!!!
  3. by   NewbNurse11
    Has anyone had their final interview yet? If so do you have any advice?
  4. by   belle128
    I believe interviews had to be completed by today, right? How did everyones go?! We should hear early next week I thought I remember them saying? Does anyone know if there were a lot of internal applicants? During one of my interviews I got that vibe, but I can't tell if I was just reading into things too much... Good luck to everyone!! :-)
  5. by   ktran1
    calicorin, I have a panel interview for stanford residency program coming up, can you tell me what were some of the questions asked during the panel interview? thank you so much ...