Stanford New Grad RN Residency June 2017

  1. There's a very recent thread regarding the Stanford new grad program that begins this month (March 2017), but I thought that it would be nice to start a new one for the people who applied to the next cycle.

    Has anyone heard anything from Stanford/have any news regarding the application process for the June 2017 cohort?
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  3. by   MC22
    Hey! So my application status says "consider for future"... I assumed it was a bad thing but someone heard from a nurse recruiter it means that the manager has an interest in you

    The manager has to look through all of the applications first so he/she skims through it and put "consider for future" initially for the ones the manager is interested in. After he/she goes through it the first time, the manager goes through it again in more in depth fashion but only the ones that have "Consider for future"

    It doesn't mean you'll get an interview though
  4. by   lbg0713
    Thanks MC22! That's great to know. My status also changed to 'Consider for Future' and I was having trouble deducing whether that was a good or bad thing.

    I wonder when they'll begin calling people about interviews? The website says that the cut off to have a license is 3/10 so I figured that managers would wait until that information was available to make any further decisions.
  5. by   MC22
    Yeah I wish they had a better timeline of when they would be making decisions/when interviews would be and all that! I'm a little nervous about mine, I didn't include a cover letter with my resume since I felt like the questions they asked for us to fill in seemed alot like the info I would have included anyways. I hope we hear soon either way, I had originally assumed consider for future was a just a kind rejection lol
  6. by   lbg0713
    lol I felt the same way when I saw the status change. I didn't include a cover letter either. I felt like the directions for the application were pretty specific and that they would have stated that they wanted a cover letter too. I'm starting to rethinking that
  7. by   fx23
    Does anybody have an idea on when this program will start and when do interviews might happen? Thanks.
  8. by   lbg0713
    Since the website states that applicants should have no paid RN experience prior to 6/12, I'm assuming the program will begin around that time. Still not sure about the interviews though.
  9. by   MC22
    Interview will be the week of April 19th is what I heard, but I'm hoping to find out sooner rather than later as to when they will be notifying people if they got interviews or not
  10. by   MC22
    Someone on a FB group said they talked to HR and they would be notifying people starting at the end of this week through the end of the month. So hopefully we hear soon interview or not! What did you put as your preference for unit?
  11. by   lbg0713
    Thanks, MC22! That's good to know. Hopefully we know soon! I put down Medicine, but I would be happy working in any of the units. What did you put down?
  12. by   MC22
    I did Medicine also!
  13. by   MC22
    Has anyone heard anything??
  14. by   lbg0713
    Nothing yet!