Stanford and Lucile Packard 2011 RN Residency - page 8

Hello, Just wanted to start this thread for all the Summer 2011 Stanford and Packard RN Residency hopefuls!!! Good luck everyone!!! :)... Read More

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    I received a call today to move forward in the interview process!!!!!

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    Great job Mama of 2! I received a call today as well and I'm really excited. Good luck everyone, they said they'd be calling 45 people over the next few days!
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    Congrats cu1234!!! Good luck to you as well! What areas did you pick?
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    I picked maternity and NICU. What about you?
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    Same as you!!! Maybe we will be working together very soon
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    That would be pretty cool! Fingers crossed.
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    Congrats to everyone with interviews in the children's hospital!!! How exciting!!! Anyone have any idea when they will be making phone calls for SHC interviews? My status still hasn't changed since my phone interview in the beginning of this month. The wait is killing me!!
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    According to Stanford HR, they'll be calling applicants for panel interviews at the end of July/early August. Congrats to those with interviews at Lucile Packard!
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    Congrat to mama of 2 and cu1234! I also got a call today to move on in the interview Process. I picked NICU and PICU. Good luck everyone with the final interviews.
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    Congrats Pugz4me!!! Good luck to you!

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