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    I'm wondering if anyone has applied for the Fall 2012 BSN at Sonoma State. I applied. They say they try to get back to applicants by the end of March. Since it's April, I'm getting a little nervous. I think last year they announced acceptances on April 20, so it's probably fine but I don't want to miss an announcement (in spam or such).

    Has anyone else heard? Or applied and want to commiserate on waiting?


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    Hi--I heard from SSU yesterday that I was accepted (april 4). I can't imagine why they did not send all the notices out at once, unless they are still in the selection process. Remain hopeful! Check your spam folder?
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    I haven't heard anything back so I guess that means I wasn't accepted?? =/ I thought I would at least be wait listed.
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    Have either of you heard anything yet?
    I seriously doubt that lack of notice by now means you didn't get in, because they'd have emailed you if so.
    It probably means your applications are still in consideration. I can attest from my experience with other schools that sometimes things happen in stages. Remain hopeful!
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    Well I called them and they told me I was placed on the alternates' list, but they're still in the process of figuring that out. Hopefully I'm high enough!
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    Well that's good news! I can tell you this--my letter said that those accepted had to make a commitment by April 16, next Monday. Perhaps they are waiting to see what comes back so they can let the alternates know. I wish you the best of luck--hopefully we'll be classmates.
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    Awesome! Thanks for the info. It's my top choice school. Hopefuly I don't have to go somewhere else. Are you from the Sonoma area?
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    Yep. I grew up on the East Coast but have been in Sonoma County for 10 years. I did my prereqs at SRJC, which I loved. I'm not in a position to relocate right now so I'm very thankful that I got in somewhere in Sonoma County. I also applied to Mendocino but did not make the lottery.
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    Moved to CA Nursing Programs for more response.
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    Any luck getting in yet?? I got accepted, but I wanted to second Boleo's comment about the April 16th deadline... I know I am still waiting to hear back from other schools, and I'm sure there are so many people who also are! I wouldn't be surprised if at least a few people change their mind once they hear back from other schools even though they originally said yes, which is great for you! Don't lose hope!

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