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    Has anyone heard anything from them yet? Our orientation date is next week, but I haven't gotten any updates about it.

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    @BBYB-27 I haven't either. Whew, I was starting to wonder if I was the only one who hasn't heard anything about the details of the orientation.
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    @BBYB-27 and bananaxmilk
    I haven't heard from them either. I was just about to post on here asking if anyone has heard anything from the faculty.
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    Does anyone know the cut-off score?
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    Has anyone received an email yet?
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    I still haven't received anything.
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    Quote from egghead123
    To Fancyeyes,

    My 5 prereqs: 3.33 & TEAS: 88.7%
    Did you end up getting in?
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    I got the letter today, since I live in Sunnyvale - 20 minutes from SJ. My impactions core is 7.72

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