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Anyone else who applied for SJSU's Spring 2014 nursing program?... Read More

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    I called them several times during their office hours, but they did not pick up at all! I will try to call them again tomorrow, if not I will just go and ask them in person. I will report back on what they said.
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    Awesome! Sounds like a plan. You may or may not have made me more anxious than I already am c[=
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    Haha don't worry! I am hoping that us being able to register means we got in!
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    I also hoped that being able to register for the NURS classes meant that I got in, but I realized that was not true because I tested it by successfully registering for the classes on my friend's sjsu account as well (who is not even a pre-nursing major). I signed up just for a couple of the classes just because I wanted certain class times, so I hope that does not mean I'll get punished for it
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    @bananaxmilk, I'm not sure what their impaction scores were, so I have no idea why some received a letter so early.
    @BBYB-27 and hopefulsjsunurse, if you do not mind me asking..what are your impaction scores??
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    @bananaxmilk, I think the worst thing they could do is drop those classes.
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    Well there goes that!

    My impaction score is 7.6, 3.6 pre-reg, 92% TEAS
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    @FTF4 My impact score is around 7.56 (3.65 GPA, 90% TEAS)
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    I just wish we had impaction scores from other semesters to compare it to considering this is the first year they took off the gpa for the previous 30 units. It'd be nice to see what the cutoff is going to be!
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    So I found out that they will be sending out the letters next week.

    The secretary also said if you registered, you need to drop the classes so I am going to be taking those classes out.

    GL to everyone!
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    @hopefulsjsunurse, thanks for letting us know!
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    did anyone get anything yet?
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    I got my letter today. I got in! I hope you all did too! I can't wait to meet all of you!