SJSU Nursing Spring 2013 - page 4

Who is an SJSU pre-nursing applicant for spring 2013? We can all come together and wait for our letter! XD... Read More

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    @xxfaith are you reapplying?

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    come on come on , someone say something im scared
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    Did you re-apply? is that what you are scared about?
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    @BigCatMeows Yes I did reapply, but I am extremely nervous. I was apply to increase my impaction score but I feel like I will be at the cutoff again. I apply to USF but they denied me I also applied to CSUEB and SAC STATE. did you reapply?
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    Yes I reapplied, my impact ion score would be a 10.75 , I am scared if the same thing happened last semester, I also got rejected from USF
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    @Krioh Scared about being rejected again lol wish me luck!
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    I haven't applied to east bay yet, is it too late to apply for the semester you applied to?
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    Hey guys I just got my rejection letter :/ The preliminary cutoff was ~10.75.

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