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Who is an SJSU pre-nursing applicant for spring 2013? We can all come together and wait for our letter! XD... Read More

  1. by   xxFaith
    @BigCatMeows a rough estimate is probably ~10.5. I am not too sure though because I did not count the +/- What is your impaction score? Have you spoke with any of the advisers recently?
  2. by   xxFaith
    i actually calculated my impaction score with the +/- & I have about a 10.6 or 10.61. I calculated this twice. I hope I'm doing this correctly....
  3. by   BigCatMeows
    XxFauth, calculated mine to be 10.59, but they calc as 10.55 grrr, i talked to them, they said im am waitlist number3', are you still pending?They said nurs accepted ppl could have dec30 to decide whether they got in or not, in the meanwhile, i have no classes for next semester, dammnnnn lol
  4. by   BigCatMeows
    XxFaith, ur prolly rank #2 or 1 ! They said im not allowed to know wat rank i am , but one lady told me to keep it secret lol, they also told me to look for plan B , which i dont have one and dont want to look for one,
  5. by   KrioH
    Hi All,
    I also got accepted for spring 2013 at SJSU. we only had till November 30th to respond with our attending form, so hopefully those of you on the pending list have heard by now if there are open spots. Good luck!
    See you all in January!
  6. by   BigCatMeows
    No, i didnt hear anything yet
  7. by   KrioH
    Hang in there BigCatMeows! still more than a month before classes start.
  8. by   KrioH
    Hey xxfaith and bigcatmeows,
    did you hear anything yet?
  9. by   xxFaith
    Quote from KrioH
    Hey xxfaith and bigcatmeows,
    did you hear anything yet?
    I still did not hear anything. No call, email, or letter. The letter says we should hear today, Dec 15th, and I assume they would still contact us even if we were rejected or accepted or not. Hopefully we hear Monday?? Anyone have advice or knowledge about pending statuses. I am not even sure of the chances of getting in if you are on the pending list.
  10. by   KrioH
    I'm not positive but from the way the classes look, there says there are a few seats still open. but it says out of 65 available seats and I thought they only accepted 60- 62. So I'm not quite sure. I have also heard that sometimes people will decide to go somewhere else at the last minute and they will call someone on the pending list to fill that spot. So even if you don't hear this week there could still be hope!
  11. by   xxFaith
    Thanks KriOH for being very helpful! I guess I'll still patiently wait until I hear a reply. On the letter they also said that I might want to get my vaccinations done and background check because it takes awhile to get everything completed. Do you think I should start getting those done or wait until I officially hear from them? I mean so far they have not been consistent with what they said in the letter.
  12. by   KrioH
    Hi faith,
    Yeah the background check took about a week. and the immunizations took about a week for results but if you aren't immune to something you have to get a booster or something. The background check was 55$ and the immunizations were about 60 and the drug test was 40. So before you go and do all those things it might be good to know what number you are on the pending list but also those things will have to be done anyways so it might be best just to do them now. The one thing that might be ok to wait on though is the drug test. The immunizations are good to get done period because it's beneficial to know if you are lacking any immunities.
    Hopefully you hear something today!
  13. by   BigCatMeows
    Krioh @xxFaithThey sent me a rejection letter saying that they r accepting 60 students