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I already applied for Nursing at SJSU for Fall 2012 and I am just waiting for the acceptance/nonacceptance now. I am beyond stress and worried that I might now get in because I am competing with so many smart applicants. I... Read More

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    Teas V, you divide by 23.

    Teas+ 5 prerec's+ last 30 units= impaction score.

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    After doing it your way, I got 10.1679. I don't know why it's below the cutoff impaction score...
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    its looks like you got it right because people who get pending letters are just below the impaction cutoff, and the cutoff is a 10.20. That's waht it says in my rejection letter.
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    So if you're #10, then I'm probably 8-9?

    So what did it actually say in the rejection letter re: cutoff...
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    It just says that the initial cutoff is a 10.20; just to be clear I got a rejection letter, and the only way I will get accpeted is if 10 people drop out because I number 10 on the list. Since you got a pending letter, you are next in line to get an acceptance (dont know what number you are, but you are next), no you are probably in the 1-4.
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    Please pray for me you guys, i really need it. I really want to be accepted into the nursing program.
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    For what it's worth, I'm a transfer student and I haven't accepted my spot yet (just waiting for some other schools). I believe there was another girl on this board who said she might not take her spot if she decides to go somewhere else. So there's hope!
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    Thank you so much seahelleyes! you don't know much that means to me. Even if my chances are slim, i will continue to pray and hope to get in. it's just so stressful. Do you live in San Jose seashell?
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    No, I live about 45 minutes away, but I've lived in the area my whole life.
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    what other schools did you apply too? are they closer to where you live or far? Do you know when you will be hearing from them, since you only have one more week to answer SJSU. (you have until next week right?)

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