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I already applied for Nursing at SJSU for Fall 2012 and I am just waiting for the acceptance/nonacceptance now. I am beyond stress and worried that I might now get in because I am competing with so... Read More

  1. by   highwaters
    My impact score is 10.64. yes I go to SJSU.
    Are you for sure that two people have declined?
    If I speak to -----, do you think she will tell me what rank I am?
    And please don't give up! we WILL get in!
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  2. by   biglaughter
    you should have got in already. I received the denial letter and it says the initial cutoff is a 10.20, and you have a much higher impaction score than the cutoff. I went to talk to ------- and that is what she told me. I went from position 12th position to a 10th position. I went to talk to ------- because i got a rejection letter and didn't know what I should do. I am so sad and depress....*sigh*, you have a much HIGHER chance of getting in. And I think you will be receiving a acceptance letter soon, but I am not sure (just assuming because your impaction is quite high), because she told me that the 2 people in line got bump up to the acceptance position. I'm pretty sure you are one of the two who will be receving if not next to receiving an acceptance letter. Actually, i advise you not to ask her, you might get your feelings hurt if you are sensitive. She wasn't to harsh on me, but she did say my grades were bad, in other words "suck". I think I was numb from not being accepted into the program I didn;t care too much for what she said, but i was still a little angry because I work so hard for those grades. I will email her in the upcoming weeks and will update you.
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  3. by   biglaughter
    You don't know how sad I was when I received the denial letter, my heart sank and I start crying so badly. Did you receive a rejection or a pending letter? i guess the impaction cutt off was even higher than a 10.64 since you didn't get in. I will pray that you get in, since you have a better chance than me. I will only get in if 10 people drop out, and what is the liklihood of that happening.....ZERO!
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  4. by   highwaters
    Oh I see, I got a pending letter. I know how you feel. I got rejected last semester. Cried for days.
    I don't know if I'm calculating my impact score correctly though.
    How did you do it? Did ---- tell you that 10.09 was your score or was that your own calculation?
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  5. by   biglaughter
    Yup you will get in for sure! I am pretty sure you will get an acceptance letter in a few days. early Congrats! I calculated my own impaction score and it was the same impaction that she told me. Eh, it doesn;t matter if you calculated your impaction wrong, you got a "pending" letter, which mean you have high chance of getting in. those who receive a pending letter are just below the impaction cutoff, so if anyone drop they are next in line to get acceptance. As for me, i got a rejection letter, now that is a different story. I don't have hope, you still do! I will show you how to calculate it, give me a moment to write it down.
  6. by   biglaughter
    Here is how you calculate your impaction score:

    If you want to understand it: basically when they give you your total grade points it's grade x units = grade points, so we could rearrange this to be grade = grade points/units.
    To get an overall grade point average, you take all your grade points and you add them up and you divide that by the number of units you have total and it'll give you your average grade received in your classes.

    ex. 3 units, Grade A, Grade Points 12
    4 units, Grade B, Grade Points 12
    5 units, Grade A, Grade Points 20
    3 units, Grade B, Grade Points 9

    Therefore, Grade A = 4, Grade B= 3, and etc.

    GPA (Grade Point Average) = SUM of Grade Points/Sum of Units
    GPA = 12+12+20+9/3+4+3+5+3
    GPA = 53/15
    GPA = 3.53

    Hope that helps you. But you shouldn't worry too much about it, I am pretty sure you will get in. I am happy if you get in! She basically indirectly told me that i will not get in, 10 people are not going to drop, so i wont get in. She told to me to take my prerec's over again. i got B's (bio 66), and I don;t think I can do any better than that...1 C. i kinda lose hope, everytime I think about it, I start crying....
  7. by   highwaters
    how about the TEAs test score?
  8. by   highwaters
    So what are the three numbers that we will add together? Teas, 5 prereqs, and last 30 units?
  9. by   biglaughter
    Teas V, you divide by 23.

    Teas+ 5 prerec's+ last 30 units= impaction score.
  10. by   highwaters
    After doing it your way, I got 10.1679. I don't know why it's below the cutoff impaction score...
  11. by   biglaughter
    its looks like you got it right because people who get pending letters are just below the impaction cutoff, and the cutoff is a 10.20. That's waht it says in my rejection letter.
  12. by   highwaters
    So if you're #10, then I'm probably 8-9?

    So what did it actually say in the rejection letter re: cutoff...
  13. by   biglaughter
    It just says that the initial cutoff is a 10.20; just to be clear I got a rejection letter, and the only way I will get accpeted is if 10 people drop out because I number 10 on the list. Since you got a pending letter, you are next in line to get an acceptance (dont know what number you are, but you are next), no you are probably in the 1-4.