SFSU Entry level Masters program for fall 2011 waitlist

  1. Looking to hear back from anyone who has been waitlisted for Fall 2011 for the entry-level masters program. I've been reading some threads that I believe are discussing the bachelors program. Wait-listers were given their position on the list as well as found out how many (over 100--yikees).
    Does anyone have stats for the Masters program?
    I found out last week about my wait list status. I was accepted at USD, but was hoping to stay here in SF.
    The email says they can still take people as late as july 31.... thats a lot of waiting.
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  3. by   healthyliving33
    Hi BerylBebe,

    I am also on the waitlist at SFSU. I emailed them asking what position I was right after they sent out the decision notice, and they got back to me today. Apparently there are 13 people on the waitlist. Very different than the 100 you said there was for the BSN program! Hope this helps. Best of luck to you and congratulations about USD.
  4. by   reibecca
    @healthyliving33- Hi, could you please tell me which emphasis that wait list was for? I e-mailed this morning and got a reply that the wait list for Maternal CNS is 18 people. Thanks!
  5. by   healthyliving33
    Hi Reibecca,

    I forgot about the different emphases... 13 is for Adult Acute Care. I wonder how they decide how many people to keep on the waitlist. It sure is nervewracking. Luckily I've been looking through past threads of allnurses.com (2007-2008), and it looks like some people on the waitlist did get accepted eventually. I didn't note what emphases they were, though!
  6. by   BerylBebe
    Yes, they responded to me as well about my spot on the waitlist. I am Acute Care as well. Crossing my fingers that spots will open up. Does anyone know how many applicants there were??
  7. by   healthyliving33
    I have no idea how many people applied. I've heard above 200 people apply to these programs... but I basically found that number searching around online so I'm not sure if its correct. All I know is that the programs are all super competitive no matter where you go... I hope spots open up also. I feel like every year it will just get more and more competitive!
  8. by   reibecca
    I don't know about this year but when I went to the info session, they said that there are between 200-250 applicants. From what I have read from previous years it looks like if your wait list number is somewhere between 1-5, you're in a pretty good position. Hope this helps! Good luck to you all, I hope we make it!