SDSU SON Fall 2013 admission hopefuls

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    I know it's a bit early to start a thread but we did just finish our last prerequisites after all! Please use this thread to ask questions, compare stats to see where you stand in this pool of applicants or even to wish each other luck!

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    I guess I'll start...
    Cumulative GPA: 3.59 (RIGHT ON THE BORDER -___-)
    Prereq GPA: 3.81
    TEAs: 87% (taking it 2 more times)
    + volunteer points

    so that puts me at 64

    Good luck to everyone!
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    My stats aren't so good :/
    my overall GPA is hurting me
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    Still waiting for my Intro to Organic Chem grade but I at least have the following

    Cumulative GPA: 3.88
    Prereq GPA: 3.71
    TEAs: 85%
    Work Experience as a medic in the Army

    Points: 79
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    I am also in the process of applying to SDSU SON for Fall 2013 as a transfer. My stats aren't that great. Cumulative GPA: 3.68 Pre-req GPA: 3.7 TEAS: 88 I ran out of time in reading comprehension, so my source info score was really low. No work experience Good luck to everyone applying!!!
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    Hey everyone! Just thought I would put my stats up, since all we can do now is wait.. I definitely think I am borderline because of my teas, but here it goes:

    Prereq GPA: 4.0
    Cumulative GPA: 3.89
    TEAS: 76.7%

    +5 points for volunteer hours

    = 73 points

    Good luck to us all!
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    I hear they are going to have admission results in April......still a long time to wait.
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    I really hope so...April will be so much better than July. Has anyone heard back from State regarding general admission? I thought they were going to make a decision in early March
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    I was told that they don't make a decision until the know if you're accepted to SON or not. Since you can't go to SDSU without a major, and your major is reliant on SON accepting you.
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    Has anyone seen the new criteria for Fall 2014? Personally, I wish it was effective for this fall. My nursing core score would improve, since I got an A in Stats, but only a C in Sociology. :/

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