SBVC Fall 2012

  1. Hello I was wondering if there was anyone else out there who got accepted for fall 2012 who is excited just like me?! Also, is there any current students or graduates of SBVC that can off any advice? Thanks!!
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  3. by   Rock1031
    I just got into program for Spring 2013 any advice?
  4. by   yellowbean314
    Congrats! I'm pretty sure you heard this at orientation and will hear it again at the Tea, but organization and time management are important. I have been in the program since August and I still have a hard time managing everything. Don't get me wrong it is not impossible but you need to put the effort in. On the first day of class they will give you a huge syllabus and you will already feel overwhelmed. DONT get intimidated, you have got this far and you will survive as long as you put quality time in. Get your family, friends, significant other, whoever prepared that they will be seeing you less. Sometimes it can be distracting and frustrating when your friends are going out on the weekend and you are doing homework or care plans. Stay focused, do your readings, ask for help when you need it. The faculty want you to succeed and they will help you, but you need to ask. Within the first week I think you will be assigned a Big Sister/ Brother. This person will be a second semester student and will also be there for you if you need them. Sorry for such the long response but I hope it helps. If you have any more questions let me know

  5. by   Rock1031
    Thanks for the advice. So far so good. We have an exam tomorrow. Hope I do well. I spoke to some 4th semester students who told me they failed the first exam and there they are in 4th semester. That's good to know I guess. Haven't been assigned a big brother/sister yet but that's the least of my worries. Just want to get pass this week.

  6. by   nursinginfo101
    Hey guys! Congratulations on getting into the program! I hope all is going well for you guys and that you guys are enjoying it. I was just wondering how long it took you guys to get into the program? I'm finishing my prerequisites this year hoping to apply next year I heard about the point system as well did any of you get in the program thanks to that? Anywho hope to hear from you all soon! Good luck and congrats once again! )))
  7. by   yellowbean314
    Sorry I just seen this. Hopefully you did well on that exam and others you have had since your post. As for the big brother/ sister, hopefully you have met them by now. I apologize if you have not. From what I was told its not mandatory even though I think it should be . Some of my classmates doubled up and myself and a few others tripled up. We tried our best to make sure everyone had a big brother/ sister. If you dont have one let me know. Also if you have any questions or are struggling let one of us know. We were exactly where you are last semester, so we understand. Hope you are still going strong

  8. by   yellowbean314
    Hello nursinginfo101! I waited for 3 years before I got into the program. As for the point system from what I understand they are taking about 25% from the point system and the rest from the waiting list. Hopefully by the time you apply they will be taking more from the point system. Good luck to you as well
  9. by   Rock1031
    Thanks yellowbean and yes I did do well and I'm in 104 now. I also got my big and dude is very helpful. I feel lucky I got him. I think he takes on more than he should as a big and I'm thankful for that. Now I can't wait for the summer but I must first get through my exam next week. This program has been a rollercoaster but that is to be expected.

    Nursinginfo101, I too waited 3 yes for the program. It was a blessing in disguise cause I was able to put myself in the best situation (financially) and put my focus more on school along with the stress of life. If you get in via the pint system, let us know. Its always fun to watch a journey from the beginning to where ever life takes you!