SBCC wait list for RN up to date wait time

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    I have been on the waitlist for sbcc rn program for 1 year. can someone give me an up to date amount of time they waited or know someone who has?
    I got my letter in the mail this month and it said entry for fall 2015 which isn't very hopeful.

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    I am on the wait list at SBCC also. I have been waiting for 2 years, my entrance date was supposed to be Spring 2015, but I just got accepted! I am getting married this fall, so I'm going to decline and start n Spring if possible. Do you know if SBCCs program does care plans? I am also going to get into Ventura College most likely soon, so I need to choose a school ... Good luck!
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    I'm not quite sure what a care plan is? I have been on the waitlist for the sbcc rn program for 1 year and 5 months. The last update letter I received was in Jan I think and I get the next one in Aug. which will mean I've been on the list for 1 year and 8 months. I hope I get in after two like you did. I hear the program is great, and I share your pain with waiting!

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