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Did anyone apply for the Clinical Nurse I position at SCVMC? From what I've heard, there was close to 600 applicants for who knows how many positions available. Anyone got a rejection letter or an interview yet? Thanks for any... Read More

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    LoveAlwaysV, Good Samaritan Hospital is hiring many RNs now with 1 year of experience.

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    Hi CherryRN22! Yes I was in the May 2011 class I know about Good Sam, They called me for an interview but we keep playing phone tag! Hoping I can actually talk to them on Monday though. Good luck to you too!
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    OMG!!! I totally wanna chat with you about VMC!!! How can we do this????
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    I sent you a message
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    hi, unfortunately, i can't private message you, it says i don't have enough posts to private message you....
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    yes, i did... can you leave me your phone # in my mailbox and maybe we can text???
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    ok... found you on FB, left you a message

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