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I'm getting ready to apply and just took my TEAS V. Didn't do as well as I would have liked. I'm a litle bummed and was wondering was some of the nursing students TEAS V and overall points were for this upcoming Fall 2013 year... Read More

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    Quote from KK444
    I'm an alternate. Does anybody know how many alternates were accepted last year?
    I'm in the Fall 2012 Program and i believe the highest alternate that got in was #12. Good luck!

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    Quote from 1mkeller
    Some of the "better" areas would be the Miracle Mile area, but stay north of Harding way and around and south of UOP (I would only go east of Pacific a block or two, and you could probably safely go west of Pacific all the way to pershing). If you are looking for apartments, there is a resonably priced gated complex on Davis that run about 695 for a one bedroom). Brookside area you can find some reasonable townhouses, and ben holt "Lincoln Village West" is good too. My husband is a firefighter over in those areas so I can have him get a few apartment complex names if you would like. I also think that just south of the college there is a nice apartment complex thats reasonable. Good Luck.
    Yes please! I would really appreciate it if you can! Im not familiar with the places you mentioned coz im not from there. lol
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    Hi Ladies, I'm declining my space and reapplying for next fall. I have a 7-month-old at home and just not quite ready to start the program. I'm a little bummed because one of my good friends is in the program. Anyhow, there will be a happy alternate Good luck to you all!!
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    Dlr13 thank you so much for your post. I am an alternate waiting to hear so it is exciting to know I am one spot closer! I remember when my daughter was 7 mos. I can't imagine taking on the nursing program at that time on top of everything. Good luck next year! I know you will get in again!
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    Dlr13, thank you for informing us! I hope you and your family are doing well. Good luck next semester! I know you'll get in once again. =)

    Hmccoy18, I'm an alternate too. If you don't mind me asking, what alternate number are you? One step closer we are!
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    Hello Missxgabby! I'm alternate #4. I met Alternate #3 on Facebook. It's always good to talk to someone else going through the same thing. I'm sure you are just as anxious as I am. To be so close but still not be in is hard. I was hoping to hear something today, but still nothing. What number are you?Good Luck to all the alternates waiting!!
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    hmccoy18 and missxgaby, how many points did you guys have overall?
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    I'm not entirely sure what my exact score was. I just logged on and applied because i knew i didnt qualify for any of the extra points, except working full time through the pre-reqs. I think I was somewhere around 59ish. This would make sense because someone else said it was around the cutoff for past years and I'm an alternate. I really didn't expect to be this close! Wish me luck! Still waiting
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    good luck hmccoy18! i hope you get in
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    Hey missxgabby and Hmccoy18. I'm an alternate as well; I'm alternate number 3b.

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